GPS tracked leaflet distribution


So, let’s…start and spread the word about your business and services with GPS tracked leaflet distribution & flyer delivery in East Midlands

Key 4 Ads offers fully GPS tracked leaflet distribution & flyer delivery in Leicestershire and East Midlands.

Letterbox marketing to acquire more customers? Yes! Still the most effective way!

Latest DMA (Direct Marketing Association) stats regarding customer acquisition: ‘leaflet distribution generates 34%, topped email 25%, search engine marketing 10% and affiliate marketing 8%, with 23% of respondents citing a variety of other channels.’ 

Pretty impressive, right?

Leaflet Distribution is still one of the most cost-effective ways to acquire more customers or to promote an event.
Key 4 Ads offers distribution of leaflets with GPS tracking in Leicestershire and throughout the East Midlands. Key 4 Ads offers leaflet design and print of marketing materials and large display promotional material.

Once GDPR also came into place, letterbox marketing continues to be a very profitable way to advertise your business locally and to acquire new customers.

We can help maximize your leafleting campaign response with catchy design and high-quality print. And, of course, our distribution is proven! We offer GPS tracked leaflet distribution in Leicestershire as a standard.

Why does everyone seem to want GPS tracking?

Well, that’s because you know that your marketing material has reached your audience! And you can see each letterbox being delivered to. We use advanced technology GPS trackers to locate each of our distributors. Therefore we can offer you GPS tracked leaflet distribution in the East Midlands. When a client can see where, when and how their leafleting campaign takes place, that gives them a better understanding of the response they get as the result of the flyer distribution. And it’s not only the reassurance of the leaflet distribution. It’s also about measuring how well campaign performed.